The Nexus Today is being created with privacy and security in mind.  Our goal is to create a place where you can find out information about what’s happening without being tracked.  This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect through our website and how it is used.

The Nexus Today does not sell or rent website visitor information under any circumstances, and we do not share visitor information without prior consent except as compelled by law.

The Nexus Today’s headlines and textonly formats (for example on are extremely privacy-friendly. Other formats (for example may embed images and videos that are retrieved directly from Twitter and other sites which may track you. In these cases, you can minimize your privacy exposure , by using an ad blocker or your browser’s tracking protection.

Information gathered by

The Nexus Today, like most other web sites, collects non-personally-identifying information such as browser type, language preference, referring site, and the date and time of each visitor request.  We collect this to understand how our visitors use our service, and use it to make decisions about how to change and adapt the service.

We also, like all other web sites, receive your IP address when you browse our site.  We store “masked” IP addresses in the web server logs (using the technique described in Data Masking for User Privacy), and may store it in other databases as well, for a limited period of time.  We use this masked IP information for the following purposes:

  • To prevent abuse, fraud, and spam
  • Defending against attacks on the site
  • Diagnosing and fixing service or technology problems
  • Estimating usage of different aspects of the site

If you are concerned about your IP being logged, consider using a VPN to hide your real IP address on this as on any other site.  

Embedded images and videos

If you are using a format that shows images, your browser will retrieve and display images and videos directly from other sites, and those sites may track you. 

Links to other sites

Links on The Nexus Today take you to other sites.   The Nexus Today does not have any control over the privacy practices or the content of these third party sites.  We encourage you to read the privacy policies of any website visited via links from The Nexus Today.


The Nexus Today itself does not currently use any cookies.  At some point in the future we may add opt-in cookies to allow users to optionally save their settings or provide other convenience factors. If so, this section will be updated.  

If you are using a format that shows embedded videos, these videos may contain cookies from third parties.  If you block these cookies, you may have problems playing (or even seeing) the videos, but the rest of the site should continue to work.  We encourage you to use EFF’s Privacy Badger and other privacy-enhancing technologies to better understand and control the cookies you are seeing. 

Voluntarily Submitted Information

If you voluntarily submit information to The Nexus Today (for example, signing up for an email list) we will store that information and make use of it for the purpose that you provided it.  It is up to you whether to submit any information; the site will continue to work even if you decide not to.

If you communicate with The Nexus Today, such as through, our general policy is to keep records of those communications during the period where we are making use of them.  Note that in some situations, this may lead to retention for an indefinite period for purposes including providing support (to you and other users who may have similar questions) and diagnosing problems with our software and services.

Third-party providers

Portions of The Nexus Today’s site are operated by third-parties. We currently use Digital Ocean as a cloud hosting provider; in the future, we may also use a content delivery network, cloud email providers, shipping and fulfillment services.

These service providers may place session cookies on your computer, and may also log standard technical information, such as the IP address of the computer or device; the browser software you use and your operating system; the date and time you access our site; and the Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our site.  Service providers may also store and organize any personal information you have shared with us (such as your email address) on our behalf, but are only allowed to use it for the purpose you provided it for.

The Nexus Today community on Dreamwidth

The Nexus Today’s Dreamwidth community is a place for bug reports, support, and discussions.  We chose Dreamwidth because of their strong commitment to privacy and accessibility.   You can read their detailed privacy policy here.

A note on law enforcement access

The Nexus Today attempts to minimize what information it collects, and will use the appropriate legal processes to minimize the chances of data being obtained by government agencies. However, if we are presented with a warrant or a subpoena that we cannot quash by legal means, we will comply with the warrant or subpoena.   We will also use legal process to exercise our legal rights, investigate or prevent illegal activities such as fraud, abuse, posting of child porn, or where we believe it is required or appropriate.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If The Nexus Today materially changes our privacy policy, we will announce the changes beforehand on the site’s home page as well as updating this document.

Last updated: September 21, 2021